Global Disorder – Security in a World Disrupted

Following a period in which political transitions were the dominant theme, it seems that the world has, in the most recent phase, entered a period of global disruptions. Talk of ‘shocks’, ‘disorder’ and ‘disintegration’ has proliferated across the international security field. Palpably, a concern has materialised that disruption has come to dominate the patterns of exchange, and that established mechanisms and processes, as well as traditional actors, are challenged in manifold ways.

As a result of the sum total of these transformations, international security can no longer map issues around predictable and orderly state-centric narratives. It has to tackle the question of disorder and unpack it clinically with a view to finding ways to mitigate its immediate consequences and make sense of the world-in-the-making.

To explore this new paradigm, the 2016 edition of the International Security Forum was held under the theme of Global Disorder - Security in a World Disrupted.


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Programme for web 10.6.2016