Geneva transport

Getting around Geneva

Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and may wish to familiarise with Geneva’s transport prior to the event:

A ticket that allows 80 minutes free travel on public transport in the city centre (bus, tram and train) is available at the airport. The ticket machine is at the end of luggage carousel no. 3. Quick access to downtown Geneva is guaranteed by train or by bus using the united network of public transport "Unireso".

It takes only 6 minutes from/to Geneva city centre by train (every 12 minutes at rush hours). The airport railway station has direct access to the airport check-in and arrival levels. All trains stop at Geneva-Cornavin station (city centre).

The following urban buses stop every 8-15 minutes at rush hours at the airport (bus stops at the check-in level, in front of or beside the train station).

  • TPG line 5 (Aéroport - Aréna/Palexpo - Nations - Cornavin - Rive - Malagnou - Thônex-Vallard)
  • TPG line 10 (Aéroport - Balexert - Cornavin - Bel-Air – Rive)
  • TPG line 28 (Parfumerie - Vernier - Blandonnet - Aéroport - Fret - Grand-Saconnex - Nations - Jardin-Botanique)
  • TPG line F (Gex - Cessy - Grand-Saconnex - Nations – Cornavin)

For more information on public transportation in Geneva, visit

Taxi fares from the airport to the city range from CHF 30.00 to CHF 35.00 and depend on traffic conditions, time of day and number of passengers. Presently, the fare within Geneva, including airport, is the amount shown on the taximeter.

Your Geneva hotel will offer you the "Geneva Transport Card" that allows you to use public transport in Geneva free of charge during your stay.

Visa Requirements

Participants requiring entry visas for Switzerland or transit visas are required to make their own arrangements. Contact the ISF Organisation Team for a confirmation letter of your participation which may be requested to support your visa application.

Since 12 December 2008, Switzerland has been an associated member state of the Schengen agreement. On completion of the application form, the process of acquiring a Schengen visa takes up to 21 days. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you contact the Swiss representation responsible for your place of residence as soon as possible, for information about visa application procedures and necessary documents.

Please visit Switzerland’s Federal Department of Foreign Affairs website for information about visa applications and a list of Swiss representations abroad. The visa application form can be downloaded from the website of the Federal Office for Migration.


The registration desk will be located in front of the conference room. It will open at 11:00, Monday, 13 June 2016 and will remain open throughout the conference. Your personal badge will be given to you together with your conference pack. For identification and security reasons it is essential that you wear it throughout the conference.